Santa's Wild Slots FAQ
Q. Why can't I press the ADD $20 button?
A. The ADD $20 button only lights up when you have less than 3 credits remaining.
Q. Why does a single Santa symbol on the payline win 12 credits?
A. Santa is wild! A single Santa matches the holly symbol. The payout for one holly is 6, which the Santa doubles to 12.
Q. I pressed BET 1, then shook the phone, but it bet 2 more credits before spinning. What happened?
A. Shaking the phone is same as pressing BET MAX. If you don't already have 3 credits wagered, it bets until you get to 3, then spins.
Q. Why haven't I won in a while?
A. Santa's Wild! Slots is an accurate simulation of a real slot machine. Even though it's set to a very high payout, any given spin is generated by random numbers. It's possible to go for fairly long stretches without winning much. Keep playing, you'll eventually hit a another big winning streak!